Alex Kahuam: Life Experiences led him to Cannes

His eye for story telling started at a young age, turning a passion into a career

For the average person, storytelling can be a difficult task. But for some, it comes naturally.

At a young age, Alex Kahuam realized he had a keen eye for storytelling. At the age of 12 he managed to shoot his first short, “El Secuestro” without a budget or prior knowledge of camera work, Kahuam managed to turn in his first story.

The Beginning

His passion only grew from there, but at the age of 15 Kahuam decided to take filmmaking seriously.

“I told my friend, we love this so much we should do it… I started to study films, styles and my main source and someone I look up to is Martin Scorsese”

Kahuam decided to enroll himself in a film school in Mexico City; however, the teaching methods were not up to par with Kahuam’s style. And after a month he decided to drop out.

At the age of 18, Kahuam wrote his first feature film, ‘Escondida’ which dealt with kidnapping in Mexico. Kidnapping is common in Mexico and Kahuam wanted to bring awareness to the situation.

“When I showed Escondida in theaters in Mexico they didn’t like the idea, the people said it was too dark, too close to reality they don’t want to see it because it’s happening in Mexico.”

A New Angle

After receiving mixed reviews, Kahuam decided to change his writing style. He wanted to continue telling a compelling story but decided to include a comedic twist to a serious topic.

“I don’t want to stress them out, they should laugh so I decided to make it funny they can laugh at reality… Storytelling is a weapon to bring awareness to a situation, and comedy makes it easier to watch.”

“So, You Want To Be A Gangster?”

After noticing a trend of topics, Kahuam decided to play with his next film. In the course of writing his new film, “So, You Want To Be A Gangster?” Kahuam realized he was being influenced by his prior projects. Referring back to the dark side, he decided to mix comedy and action.

“ I want to bring originality and use personal experiences in my movies…the most important thing is the story. So the way it speaks and the way characters give it will tell you how good it is going to be. You can tell if the movie is going to be good in the first five minutes.”

Kahuam took the time to create and perfect his writing style. Not everyone has the same life experience, so he decided to dip into his own life and use his surroundings in his feature.

With originality comes reward: His feature film, “So, You Want To Be A Gangster?” was accepted into Cannes film festival. Cannes film festival is one of the most prestigious festivals, which only a few dozen films from around the world are picked for official screenings.

Life experiences have led Kahuam into a new world of cinema.

“So, You Want To Be A Gangster?” will be available on video on demand beginning September 2017.

Storytelling isn’t for everyone, but for Kahuam it comes naturally.

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