Liz Baxter is The First Openly Lesbian Single on Love Connection

Liz Baxter will go down in history as the first openly lesbian single on ‘Love Connection’

Being that we are in 2017, and the supreme court legalized same sex marriage over two years ago, in my opinion, it’s the perfect time to air this episode.

Are we late? Yes.

However, with all the political controversy and having super conservative politicians in DC it is refreshing to see a big network like FOX take the upper hand and air a historic episode.

What to expect?

A lot of laughs, claps, and dates. And of course the amazing host, Andy Cohen.

Finding love is amazing. And for Liz, we get to see the moment she makes history on love connection.

Don’t miss the all-new “Episode Eight” episode of LOVE CONNECTION airing Thursday, July 27 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX

Love is important.



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